Pineapple cake 6pcs

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The filling is made of specially selected fresh pineapple.

The low-sweet taste retains the slightly sour taste and nutritional value of the pineapple.
Take a bite and you will be overwhelmed by the delicious aroma.



Product Name: Pineapple Cake (Ovo-lacto)

Ingredient: Pineapple jam, Clarified butter,Flour, Egg, Cheese powder,Sugar, Vanilla powder, Salt.

Net weight: 540 g Packing: 12

Shelf life: 40 days

Best Before: marked on the packaging.

Attention: Do not refrigerate.After opening please serve as early as possible to taste its freshness.

※This product contains wheat flour,eggs and milk products, so it is not suitable for those who are allergic to it.


Only available in Singapore and Malaysia.

The shipping method is SF Standard Express,

and it will be delivered within about one week after shipment.

If the logistics is delayed due to special circumstances, the arrival time will be calculated separately.


⭐The shipping fee is $300 per box (within 4 kg (including 4 kg) in the shipping range)

⭐The basic weight of a box is 4kg (including 4kg), if it is more than 4kg, it will be packed in another box (will try to be evenly divided), and the amount will be added.

⭐In case of shipping discounts, the event announcement will be the main one.

⭐If you have other questions, please contact the customer service center and someone will serve you.

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